Never underestimate the value of some honest, objective advice.

Our goal with every new partner is to dig deep, assess and problem solve.

Recruitment isn’t the only thing we do. We conduct bespoke research, identify talent pipelines, build talent mapping, salary benchmarking and specialised outplacement services.


We’ve seen some amazing success stories in our time. We’ve worked with businesses who were mired in outdated practices but with the right guidance, transformed themselves into engaging players with global opportunities.

We’ve help beleaguered C-Suite execs turn their businesses around: reposition them, shake up their staffing and rebuild and reshape so they can move forward.​​

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is forward thinking when the ROI is high and provides full visibility of the talent options before conducting a full headhunt. Provides clarity for future employment strategy and does not involve engaging with candidates, it is only the process of identifying them.

Research Projects - examples of projects we've delivered.

  • 'The role of women in sports broadcasting organisations'

  • ‘Who are the movers and shakers in reality television?’

  • ‘Road map of drama producers in Australia’

  • ‘Is there really a gender gap in subscription television’

  • ‘Diversity and inclusion within the Arts’

Salary Benchmarking

Over the past two decades, we've completed salary surveys to help establish guidelines for some of the most in demand skills and prominent market trends. These have included insights around salaries, packages and bonuses across multiple sectors/regions, employee engagement & reward strategy and gender differences.

Outplacement Service

Restructures and redundancies, in fact any form of career transition can be a very anxious time for employees (and for organisations) so to help your employees land on their feet, we offer a range of customised services.

  • Michael Chugg

    We continue to have an outstanding partnership with EP Australia and we strongly recommend them to clients who require global executive search, detailed strategic business advice and overall HR strategies to maximise business performance.​

    - Michael Chugg, AM, Executive Chairman, Chugg Entertainment

​When you are working with us, you can look forward to some forthright advice and action from experts who happily stand up and challenge old-fashioned ways of thinking.

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A bespoke approach to every business.

Do you want to hire people who love what they do or just someone to fill a chair? At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. But we're pretty sure we can deliver the results you want.